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Athletic Shoe Lacing. Are Your Shoes Ready?

Now that warmer weather has arrived, we all want to get out there and do more of what we love to do. We want to go for those beautiful walks. We want to exercise more, enjoy our favorite sports, and we want to run that extra mile.

You're ready for all of that, but are your athletic shoes ready? Do you know how to lace up your athletic shoes for total comfort?

In the video below, you will be shown three ways to lace up your shoes for maximum comfort which can lead to better performance.

Take a look at your athletic shoes. Do they have extra eyelets near the top that you never use?

Until we viewed this video, we had no idea how to use the extra eyelets. They have a purpose, but not many people know about it. The video explains those extra eyelets.

In the video you will be shown how to do Lock Lacing using those extra eyelets. By using the Lock Lacing technique, you secure the ankle fit and you prevent heel slippage. You achieve a great fit without tightening the entire shoe.

The video also shows how to do Offset Lacing which can help you avoid pressure on the top portion of your foot. The Offset Lacing technique also helps to prevent numbness and irritation.

You will also see in the video how to lace your shoes to increase the forefoot width. This lacing technique allows you to accommodate bunions or a wide forefoot.

We hope you will find these lacing techniques interesting and helpful.

Remember, always consult your trained health care professional before beginning any exercise program, and always use caution when selecting new footwear.

Enjoy the great weather, and have a great time out there!

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